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Africa Blockchain Conference

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Great to participate in Africa Blockchain Conference 2022 this past March 17th and 18th. Would like to thank the director Sonya Kuhnel and hope we can be in Johansburg next March 2023!

Highlights apart from a great talk by Charles Hoskinson IOHK and founder of Cardano, as well as some great panels were specially enjoyed talks by and shared history of Klever and first days talk by Jeff Mei Director of Global strategy at Huobi.

Also we are grateful to be in touch and talks with some great exchanges like Yellowcard and and hope to share some announcements soon…

Finally and all throughout, some great interactions as well as some very interesting and exciting projects small and large and team members working on a range of eco friendly/agro /health and or in the DEFI space for citizen empowerment products and projects!

Thank you Africa Blockchain conference and all involved and whom we had the chance to directly interacted with!

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