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Trade / Stake

Trade now live on QuickSwap, EPiD/USDT

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Our contract address is:

Staking protocol is live now!

If you have purchased EPiDs from QuickSwap, you can stake to earn up to 80% rewards

Full launch and first centralized exchange listing on CoinStore late October 2022


For questions and support please email:

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Smart move.


Initial decentralized exchange listing began September 29th, which coincided with all restrictions to wallets being lifted.


Trading is officially live on QuickSwap, paired to USDT.

Staking Pools

Purchase into our staking pools will be available on this page soon.

Staking pools open for buy-ins slated for October 9th.

Rewards are as follows with interest sent daily to holders’ wallets!

1 month staking = 8%
3 months staking = 30%
6 months staking = 80%


Our first centralized exchange listing is partner is CoinStore, starting at the end of October.

This will coincide with our listing on CoinGecko.

Promos and airdrops through our community and partner exchange leading up to these listings!

Watch this space and our social media channels for regular updates.

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