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Utility and Our Expanding Ecosystems

Our utility is in fueling projects and the pairing of our currency within those projects. Some of our operations will be expansion-heavy at the onset, retaining transparency and community engagement in the use of funds from our operations budget. Our focus is our for-profit and growth objectives, selected through proven case studies. Our multi-utility use and green projects aim to strengthen our value and growth to ensure more stability in Epidaurus' price. The end goal is to make us less subject to volatility and the whims of the crypto market as a whole.

We will be actively pursuing different scale projects in solar and renewable energy with regular updates coming and community, stakeholder involvement (please see our white paper for a more detailed breakdown of our tokenomics) and we are actively building partnerships while entering divesting and fueling these projects with Epidaurus!

Solar energy, Events, DEFI, Meta, Wellness, Natural commodities and NFTs


Off-grid sustainable Event spaces for arts and well-being.

We are currently working on our first of three planned sites that are remote and surrounded by nature, are sustainable powered event space (from 100- to 1,000-seats to start) that can be used and leased for live, public events with a focus on health and well-being and performing arts.


These sites will run for- profit, and we feel strongly that the demand will grow exponentially in the coming years.

We will pursue and promote opportunities and projects for the further use of block chain in public and global health fields.


Our product's utility will include users ability to create and market their own NFTs.


We are currently exploring and negotiating partnerships for more real-world solutions and applications for NFTs including art, music, but also use in contracts and record keeping.


We will be announcing partnerships products and uses in the upcoming months prior to launch.


such as olive oil, coffee, chocolate, coconut, tea, medicinal plants such as moringa and other tropically grown natural spices and plants products within existing partners currently in Spain, Italy, Indonesia.


All current and future investments in these sectors will promote better business practices that are sustainable, community minded and involve development and improvement within the areas of every level of production to all parties involved.


We will be actively working to link our project to the metaverse.


We're specifically interested in the use and development of VR for real world applications such as education, commerce (esp. real-estate) and the arts including film and theatre.

We also believe the DEFI is a natural fit to the origins of cryptocurrency with the idea of being decentralized and more specifically to empower all people globally, especially within emerging and developing markets, and the digital nomads,

DEFI can and should be a level playing field so we are committed to our first stages of launch to be through DEFI and to remain, continue, and expand some aspects of our project there.

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