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We are pleased to announce a new, in-depth partnership between Epidaurus and Renewablox

We are excited to focus on further expansion into renewable energy for crypto mining. This decision is part of our core utility goals, and is also based on the results from our first Stakeholders’ Vote. Concentrating on renewable energy for mining will not only benefit EPiD but will also have a greater public benefit. This will be our top focus as we shift from our pre-launch phase into full operations.

Solar Powered Mining Operations

Epidaurus’ primary mission has been developing solar mining, as seen on our website. We are moving into 3 tiers of projects to support our operations and to expand for profit.

1) Designing a small boutique apartment mixing modern living with a home crypto-mining concept whose electricity is completely off grid, that will be profitable within the first year.

2) Converting existing commercial building space in North America to solar, and keeping a portion of that for modest size mining operation. This will come with potential to lease or sell the excess energy to other blockchain operations.

3) Large-scale solar farm EU based with an idea to offer a portion of our energy produced to other crypto-mining operations, and to take a portion of payment in crypto. The main portion of that operation should yield a steady ROI.

You can see more in-depth case studies on these different scaled projects on our website and Whitepaper. (Section 7 “Solar Mining and Case Studies”)

RenewaBlox and their mission:

RenewaBlox will establish Bitcoin mining operations powered by low-cost renewable energy in Costa Rica. This country has sourced >98% of its electricity generation from renewable sources for the past 7 consecutive years. Specifically, RenewaBlox will construct a 10-Megawatt solar farm in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Province. This is an ideal location as it has the highest solar irradiation in Costa Rica and surrounding countries. RenewaBlox will utilize the renewable energy from the solar farm to mine Bitcoin. As RenewaBlox owns the power source, we can mine Bitcoin profitably throughout volatile market conditions.

Electricity prices are up more than 64% from 2018. Owning a renewable energy source brings a major advantage over the entire crypto mining market. Excess power will be sold back to the national grid.

This partnership will focus and joining these missions as well as expediting future

development in renewable energy, starting with solar followed by turbine. and even more solutions globally through expanding partnerships with like-minded organizations

The partnership between Epidaurus and RenawaBlox will be based on solar and turbine power generation, and all aspects of mining and renewable energy. We are currently looking at scaled projects in 2 locations in Southern Europe as well as North and Central America.

Watch this space for updates and detailed specifics to be published in the coming months. We will provide an in-depth, actionable plan for several of these locations beginning Q1 2023.

Our commitment to the ethos of Web3 and sustainability translates not just within the crypto space, but into every aspect of our project and lives. Every day we are building towards these ideals. We are backed by leading experts and partners in tech, health, science and education.

Partnerships like this will help bring these ideals into reality, for a better society. Epidaurus & RenewaBlox

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