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Autumn Equinox and Big Pre-Launch
 Updates for our Community Only

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

We are pleased to share exciting news with our community about our launch and updates rolling out over the next few weeks.

As per our Stakeholders Vote and our continued efforts in renewable energy, we are announcing a new in-depth partnership with RenewaBlox.

Our public pre-sale is live now through our website and is limited to 800 participants. You can buy into EPiD at levels between $200-800 USDT at our base price of $0.0008.

This is a public pre-sale with a maximum of 800 participants, on a first-come first-serve basis. EPiD will IDO on QuickSwap starting on September 29th, 2022


We are offering a pre-sale from now until the IDO on September 29th for our community members only. This pre-sale is aimed at small stakeholders in growing regions and global community members.

You can buy-in at 80 USDT per person and receive an extra 25% of EPiD. So, 0.008 x 80 USDT = 100k EPiD + 25% bonus for a total of 125k EPiD.


We are offering this small buy-in and bonus for 1,800 participants only.

800 participants can buy using MATIC and still receive the 25% bonus (1 MATIC = 1200 EPiD.) These buy-ins are at $80 (106 MATIC) per wallet. We recommend this option, which is live now on DxSale. The other 1000 participants can buy-in directly through our website from the launchpad page here.

Buy-ins of 80 USDT will receive 100 USDT worth of EPiD.


Some more exciting info just for our community!

As promised, being part of our community means that you hear the biggest and latest news first!


We are just wrapping up our participation at the TECHEX Europe Blockchain Conference at RAI in Amsterdam, and are pleased to share some of our important new partnerships.


The world's first renewable Bitcoin mining company to tokenize & list on tZERO - a global digital-asset exchange.

This is an extensive partnership that will be announced in stages. We will work together to devolve large and medium scale projects. Our shared goal is to create more renewable energy for crypto mining, the grid, and the general public! 


The Codos Foundation

Codos Foundation is a Swiss non-profit entity that leads the development of Codos platform.

“It is our sole mission to enable measurable CO2 reduction and reward the people for their sustainable choices!” – Codos Foundation Council

We are so pleased with their work and our growing collaboration as they aim to reduce CO2 emissions. Codos helps by bringing a user’s daily community together with the use of an innovative app and reward-based blockchain system. More information will be available regarding our partnership in the near future.


Explore your NFT adventure withSecuX Nifty hardware wallet. Offline storage for your private key. Clear-view signing of NFT transactions. Multi-chain support of ETH, Polygon, BSC +more

“2022 European Product design Award”

We are pleased to partner with SecuX and their amazing hard wallets. They will be helping us reward some of our utility NFT projects such as marathon participants and our upcoming music releases. We believe these “nifty” wallets will help in introducing new people to the crypto space with secure physical device for users to literally hold their own assets.


In addition to a few giveaways for our social venture and education-based endeavors, we will also be announcing special discount offers for all within our community as part of our partnership!


Epidaurus is growing stronger every-day!

In keeping with our principle of informing our community first, we want to let you know that we will be offering multi-tiered staking pool rewards for HODLERS of EPiD starting in October 2022.


Coinstore logo

Finally, we are pleased to share the exciting news of our first centralized exchange listing partner…



EPiD will be listed on this top 30

centralized exchange later in October!

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