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Environment360gh & EPiD growing partnership

Epidaurus is pleased to announce our partnership with and ongoing support of

Environment360 is based in Ghana, and works in sustainability and waste management. They specialize in creating community education campaigns and collection systems that support the work of informal waste workers.

Their mission:

To create inclusive, sustainable green jobs through the use of innovation, technology and partnerships.

Their vision:

To create zero waste communities that allow citizens to be active participants in the green economy.

How will Epidaurus participate in that mission and vision as a partner?

  • Creation and support of an Environment360gh crypto charity wallet where donations can be received in crypto from donors all over the globe. All assets donated will be the sole custody of Environment360gh, and use of the wallet and funds would be fully controlled by Environment360gh. Epidaurus and our development team would help in all aspects as advisors for technical support of the wallet.

  • Carbon literacy training and certification, as well a “train the trainer” package so further internal carbon literacy training can be done. This will allow Environment360gh to independently offer internal training for all current and future staff.

  • Support via research, planning, logistics and in any way possible towards the goal of helping with technical support on a community level. This will help to better achieve Environment360gh’s goals of plastic reduction, upcycling, recycling and waste management.

  • Creation, marketing and support in selling of a series “Collection/s” of NFTs. An example could be 3D beads to mirror existing local project upcycling of waste-to-plastic beads already for sale in the local market. Other NFT collections TBC by both parties and rolled out at both companies’ discretion with the ongoing aim of promoting Environment360gh. This will further their goals, as well as stay in line with our joint ethos of empowering local communities and working in a sustainable and carbon neutral way.

  • Support in public health education; specifically towards promoting awareness and solutions from the community. One goal is to highlight the alarming realities of disease carrying mosquitos and their preference for breeding in the tiny amounts of water found in plastic waste.

  • Working with students and youth selected through Environment360gh’s existing education partnership program “Green Ambassadors In Technology.” Supporting in the creation of new programs with the aim of education in cryptocurrency and blockchain fundamentals, including Web3, IOT, NFTs, Metaverse, trading, how transactions and blockchains function through PoW, (proof of work) or PoS (proof of stake.) This would also cover computing for transactions and other ledger functions, its history, existing chains and growing projects, as well as Defi, the CEX space, evolving global regulations and overall adaption.

  • Other future aims would be education projects and even international environmental outbound camps when global and project conditions support it.

  • Help in promotion by Epidaurus to the wider blockchain, crypto and Web3 space through public relations and awareness campaigns. This would mean all-around promotion and public relations with an aim of reaching more potential B2B relationships within our community and the wider crypto, blockchain, and tech space. This includes education, the Metaverse, public health and sustainability projects.

  • Donation of EPiD (Epidaurus) cryptocurrency in amounts TBC. Our goal is to make a public and fully transparent donation directly from our existing charity wallet by our (soon to be finalized) registered charity “Earth Foundation 2088.” There would be further collaboration and support through Epidaurus directly, as well as through our charity branch starting no later than Q1 2023.

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