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Meet The Team

Michael Jones


Michael Jones has been an early adopter and steady user of cryptocurrencies since 2014. In 2019, he was head of public relations for a Chinese altcoin, and took part in its successful launch.

He brings his long experience in public speaking to this role, including presenting as a main speaker at the Taipei blockchain expo. Michael has vast, global experience in leadership and organization for film to large scale live events and festivals. His skill-set extends from education and hosting environmental outbound camps to emergency work and in-person community development.

Michael has over 22 years of global experience in Spain, China, Indonesia, Italy, UK, Wales, and now Portugal.

Emma Sottardi


Emma has decades of experience spear-heading and assisting creative projects of all kinds. A team-player, she thrives on the energy created by a group with a goal.

Originally from the Bay Area, Emma participated in the English-speaking performance scene in Barcelona for many years before moving to Italy. Emma brings executive level support, attention to detail, and a designer's eye to the Epidaurus team.

Arnaud K

Senior Advisor Blockchain & Metaverse

Gianluca Ferremi

Innovation Strategy

Gianluca Ferremi is a technology and innovation specialist with over 25 years of experience in innovation design, technology strategy, business development, sales, and digital transformation. He is currently Founder and General Manager at WaterJug. Throughout his career Gianluca has designed, developed, and launched a number of innovation projects and technology solutions for clients in many different sectors from telecommunications, to healthcare, retail, and publishing.

Mr. Ferremi is passionate about innovative technologies; how they can improve business’ performances as well as people’s lives. Specialized in start-ups, immersive experiences, and educational video games with know-how in AR/VR/XR, Artificial Intelligence and digital content production, Gianluca is currently focusing on fostering the adoption of soft skills training in personal and professional development. He feels the urgency and the responsibility to collaborate on activities that sustain and heal the environment.

I am passionate about innovative technologies and how they can improve business’ performances as well as people’s life. I’m specialized in start-ups, immersive experiences, and educational video games with know-how in AR/VR/XR, Artificial Intelligence and digital content production. I’m currently focusing on fostering the adoption of soft skills training in personal and professional development and I feel the urgency and the responsibility to collaborate in activities that sustain and heal the environment. I believe success is a team sport so I aspire to be part of a great teams that work on impactful projects.

Javier Domínguez

Research Analyst

Born in Madrid, raised in Buenos Aires, I came back to Spain in my twenties to study Film Direction at a Barcelona film school. Since then I’ve been involved in many different films, shorts, and advertising projects occupying different positions as a freelancer.

Since 2019 I’m project manager and co-founder of the production company Furious Content, based in Barcelona, that specializes in music video content and streamings.

David Bass-Clark

Education & Metaverse Strategist

David’s work explores the intersection between emerging technology and innovative learning solutions. He cultivates partnerships with business leaders, subject matter experts, and learning experience designers to curate, design and develop technology-enhanced simulations and learning experiences. He builds and leads global teams and thrives in fast paced environments in high-growth startups and educational institutions. David has been an investor in the blockchain space for 8 years.

Justin Moxley

GTM Strategist

Justin was born and raised in California and graduated from Portland State University with a Master's in International Management. Having a diverse background in high-growth startups and operations, led him to live in China, Burma, Singapore, and Malaysia.

During his ten years in Asia, Justin specialized in new and emerging markets, founding companies in commodities, chemicals, luxury travel and luxury skincare. Recently, Justin has been working on GTM strategies in tech (artificial intelligence/machine learning), E-commerce, cryptocurrency, and bespoke travel.

Indri Yatno

Agroforestry & Tropical Ecosystem Restoration Advisor

Currently a Lecturer at Mataram University Lombok since 2008; teaching and focusing on forest biotechnology, silviculture, dendrology, and medical plants. Mr. Yatno does on-going research in these fields as well, working on community devolvement programs such as “non timber agroforestry” as well as training small and medium size enterprises in sustainable and medicinal agro product production. He also has been running permaculture agro sites since 2010.

Mr. Yatno is currently finishing his postgraduate studies (Doctorate) at Bogor Agricultural Institute.

Sean-Philippe Gall

Senior Analyst

Sean-Philippe Gall has been involved in the crypto space since 2011. After receiving a Master's degree in History from the University at Albany, he began teaching in Asia. He started in South Korea, and then moved to Shanghai in 2012.

As a senior analyst at Epidaurus, he brings a long experience watching the market evolve, as well as understanding how new technologies have the potential to shape future economic systems. Sean-Philippe has an in-depth background in studying how digital markets move, and understanding the factors that lead to success or failure for digital currencies. He strongly believes that digital currencies and non-fungible tokens are the next evolution of economics, which will open a vast new frontier in human financial development.

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Farah Lodhi

Carbon Literacy Consultant

Farah has lived and worked in China, Kenya, Indonesia, Spain, and Italy on educational and environmental projects centered around climate change issues. She has an MSc certification in water resources management from the development, environment, and policy centre at SOAS. She leads a hydrobiology and sustainable development curriculum at a UK-based charity, and provides carbon literacy consultancy to SMEs. Farah is hoping to make Epidaurus a carbon-literate organisation.

Pedro Pereira

Operation Specialist

Originally from Lisbon, Pedro has lived in Italy and France both for studying and work over the last few years. Currently, he is developing a language learning project for an online education academy in Montpellier.

Pedro has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and speaks multiple languages. Apart from logistical and operation support in Lisboa and Portugal, Pedro will be doing research in crypto global relations and educational development.

Edda Waititu

Community Strategy & Ambassador

A digital marketing enthusiast with 2+ years in social media management and 3 years+ experience in content writing, Edda loves to share information on topics of interest. She has a great desire to see an industry that has a positive impact on society through evolving content that contributes towards development and sustainability in society.

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Hannah Chahal

Community and Digital Marketing Advisor

Hannah Chahal has done it all, from digital marketing and teaching to musical performance and fire breathing. As someone who naturally flows between left and right brain analysis, she is able to provide a unique and holistic approach to all projects and campaigns. Hannah has lived as far as China but is currently working out of her hometown in Raleigh, North Carolina.

She has a fervent passion for learning and considers herself a lifelong academic. At present, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Nonprofit Leadership, from UNC Pembroke, and is working towards her first Graduate Certificate, at Harvard University, in Marketing Management and Digital Strategy.

She is also a student of Web3 and practical Metaverse applications. In addition to Epidaurus, she also works as a Programmatic and Paid Social Media Specialist at a large digital advertising agency in the United States.

Stefania Arzamendia

Wellness and Indigenous Rights Advisor

Stefania is an international psychotherapist, holistic health coach and entrepreneur. She combines her learnings in humanistic psychotherapy, TCM, Taoism, plant medicine and Compassionate Inquiry to reconnect us with our humanness in order to live in synchronicity with nature and each other.

Born and raised in South America as well as Europe, she works towards bridging the gap between indigenous wisdom and western lifestyle, aiming for a symbiotic relationship between both cultures through the foundation of The Barefoot Woman, an organisation focused on healing individuals and the world.

Ahad Khan

Research Analyst

Experienced Executive Business Manager and Planner with a demonstrated history of working in the shipping industry. Operations professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Business Communication and art from University of Karachi.

Michael Jones
Arnaud Kampuis
Indri Yatno
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