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The results of our first Stakeholders’ Vote are in!

At Epidaurus, we have always had the intention of engaging with and seeking

input from our community. We want ideas and community direction in choosing

our goals and the specific projects that we will work on. This will help us

expand our utility and guide our charity as it launches. While we have chosen

not to engage with a DAO structure for EPiD, we still want to see what people

are thinking and give stakeholders a voice. With that end in mind, we recently

held our first quarterly Stakeholders’ Vote on Telegram to get community

input and determine our project priorities.

We asked voters to choose their top two most important items for Epidaurus to

focus on in the months ahead. Here are the results in order of your vote:


Forest regeneration and projects with local stakeholders for non-mono cropping agriculture commodities


Education specific projects, events and partnerships through VR and the Metaverse


Greater investment and expansion into more renewable energy project types for general public use


Blockchain applications and development for emergency and crisis management protocols


Expanding further into ownership and development of off-grid sustainable multi-purpose event spaces


Practical and low price NFT applications, like personal genealogy records, keepsakes, + portraits


Greater expansion and partnerships with fair to low-cost music NFTs with smaller in-house artists


Creating medium/large events that educate and better communities internationally for public health

We will be going ahead with these suggestions and focusing on our forest regeneration and education specific projects. Our goal is to direct our resources and efforts of our stakeholders’ priorities into actionable plans to be initiated in Q1 2023 and make an impact in these areas. We want to keep our community engaged and will seek further input towards our goals in the coming months. Keep watching our social media for more voting opportunities or send ideas to!

As a reminder, we are also getting closer to launch day. Our planned IDO is on September 29th, 2022. We will be listing on a CEX shortly after and will finalize our smart contract by the end of December 2022. Want to get in before the IDO? Check our social media for one last pre-sale before our launch.

Want the inside track on important news and updates before we make public? Join and register on our website and be a part of our community now! Let’s build and grow together!

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