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We've had lots of new people following our project in the last few days, and with that comes a lot of new interest and questions. Here are a few answers to some of the more common questions we've received:

1. What blockchain is Epidaurus on? Is it environmentally friendly? Epidaurus is currently on the Polygon mainnet. This is an established blockchain and is one of the most green and secure proof of stake chains. Polygon is #12 on CoinMarketCap, and is up almost 100% since June 2022. We are a top-tier Proof of Stake carbon-conscious Web3 project, and we hope to more closely integrate with Polygon as time goes on. We also embrace the multi-chain approach, and are planning to host our music NFT offerings simultaneously on the Cardano and Etherium networks. We intend to expand to other networks like Tezos and Tron in the future, for specific applications.

2. There are many green cryptocurrencies. How is Epidaurus different? Epidaurus is different by working in more climate protection oriented and carbon conscious projects. We show this through our charity branch ‘Earth 2088 Foundation’, our main project’s solar development projects, and our use of renewable energy. We are committed to being green and sustainable in every aspect of our operations, including our partnerships. Our goal is to shape the greater crypto space towards greener solutions. Epidaurus aims to be carbon neutral and benefit the environment, as well as educating the public to combat climate change. We will make regular announcements outlining our projects as they proceed.

3. How can I confirm that the invested capital has been used in philanthropy, and verify your charitable work? Our charity branch is named the “Earth 2088 Foundation.” It is in the process of registration and review by the Charity Commission regulator of the United Kingdom, and should be approved before our IDO. Any projects run by Epidaurus, or in conjunction with our partners, will be transparent and open in their operations. We will always adhere to the transparency in the fullest, and any holder or interested party will be able to verify our spending and philanthropy efforts through public records and periodic filings. When the charity is finished with the formation process, we will make a full announcement of its registered name, officers, and other pertinent documents.

4. Is Epidaurus a utility token, and does it have community governance? We very much want to engage and work as a community driven project. All stakeholders will be encouraged to voice their ideas on the direction of some aspects of our project on its growth. In September 2022, we plan to offer some surveys and voting on the direction of our utility projects. The goal of these surveys - apart from stakeholder engagement - is to decide how to prioritize the next projects in our utility ecosystem. This kind of community input will continue after Epidaurus launches, and at different phase intervals for our project. However, we are not using a DAO or codifying the voting structure within our smart contract, due to the inherent security flaws and limitations on flexibility in that model.

5. What is the fee structure? At launch, a 0.08% fee will be applied to all the transactions, divided into 50% of the fee to our charity wallet, 25% for the burn wallet, and 25% into the rebasing wallet to reward HODLers. After the Epidaurus smart contract is permanently finalized on December 29th, 2022 the fees will be reduced by one half or more and will become a total of 0.04% or 0.02%. This again will be divided into the same percentages for the charity, burn, and rebasing portions. See our Whitepaper for specific breakdown details.

6. What does the token supply look like? Epidaurus’ set circulation supply of 8 billion is by no means small, but rather falls in the middle of many similar project sizes. We feel our tokenomics are strong and represent us well as a modest project. Our cryptocurrency has a lot of room to grow, and room for our community to expand and benefit with us. We are also divisible down to 0.00000001 of an EPiD, providing more utility and functionality. We are not a meme coin, and we intend to have a limited supply more in line with Bitcoin, avoiding the pitfalls of unlimited supply that projects like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have. Our initial charity distribution will be 3% of the total EPiD distribution. 64% will be earmarked for the community, once we undertake our IDO. The remaining 33% will be for investors, our current and future team, advisors, future development, airdrops, and the Founder wallets. See our Whitepaper for a complete breakdown. 7. Are there any last pre-sales or airdrops before the IDO and CEX launch? We will be hosting one last public limited pre-sale before our IDO and launch. Participants in our last pre-sale before the late September 2022 IDO will be entitled to our base price on any investment, with the chance for additional EPiD through random airdrops. Pre-launch participants will have the right to participate; in guidance surveys, project development, and paired projects – which will be limited after launch. We will also be offering several airdrops offering 10,000 EPiD in September 2022, there will also be exclusive offers to community members including airdrop prizes upwards of of 250,000 EPiD being awarded to a randomly chosen wallet.

8. When is the EPiD launch / IDO, and first CEX listing? We will be launching our IDO on September 29th, 2022. This will be closely followed a few weeks later by a centralized exchange listing on one of the top-30 global exchanges. In preparation for the CEX listing, EPiD wallets will be unrestricted for trade by September 29th, 2022 (our IDO) and Epidaurus will relinquish modifications to the smart contract by December 29h, 2022.

Have a question not listed here? Take a look at our Whitepaper or send us a message on any of our socials.

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