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Happy Earth Day, and welcome to!

Today is the first day for our website, and I would like to say thank you for giving attention and time to our growing and sustainable crypto project!

Please check back here with us in the next few days and weeks as we continually update and audit our tech and project. Our ongoing efforts to be carbon-conscious will lead the way to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible practice within the entire crypto ecosystem. As well, we are working to enhance the security of our project for all users and platforms. We will also continue to refine, define and expand our utility through real life projects and uses.

Things are moving fast for us, and we hope to be sharing a lot with our ever-growing digital community. We also hope to hear from you as well. (Engage with us on our socials!)

Updates are coming soon about a very limited pre-sale opportunity in June, with a second round in September prior to our full launch and listing. We will also be offering a chance for some airdrops this summer to early HODLers of EPiD!

Finally, as it is Earth Day, and within our scope of environmental and social venture goals, I would like to add we hope our endeavors will also make changes from within the blockchain space. We seek to keep supporting education and global initiatives that will see more adaptation in real world cases for this and related technology.

The time of war-profiteering and fossil fuel profits reaped by all too many heads of governments and the old guard’s closed-door lack of acceptance to digital nomads and crypto projects is ending. We believe that acceptance and integration of blockchain and crypto is happening more and more every day. Come join us too!

Wishing one and all a safe and healthy Earth Day filled with nature and wellness!

Michael Jones

Co-Founder and CEO

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