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ASU+GSV Summit

I'd like to personally thank the organizers and all the amazing participants at the ASU+GSV this past week in San Diego where some of our team and myself had the privilege in attending. We very much look forward to phase two of our business model where can be a driving force in developing real use cases / implementations of META and VR technology in education; especially in climate change, health, and science-focused education where we can continue to bring learners and educators together globally!

Justin Moxely, one of our Research Strategists, attended the Summit as well. Here's what he had to say about it: "The ASU+GSV Summit enabled me to further understand subjects, like the metaverse, that surround education technology with the correct leaders in the field. It was a great first attendance for me, and I highly recommend it!"

Research Strategist Hannah R. Chahal also attended and tweeted about the event.

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